Weight Loss Plateau: Breaking Its Stubborn Curse Once In For All

You've heard that the liquid hand wash you are using kills 99.9% of germs.
You've heard that your toothpaste brand is the recommended by 4 out of 5 dentists.
You have heard that the '2 minute' instant noodles you eat is as nutritious as 2 chappatis (Indian bread)

So which of the above statement is true?

And which one is False?

And how can you tell?

What you can we tell for sure is that when it comes to overcoming the Weight Loss Plateau what does NOT works !!

Let's say after the months of unmotivated workouts & inconsistent diet.You say to yourself, "This is it!". I am gonna reach my fat-loss goals this time and show the world my potential.

You calculate your calories up.
You design your diet plan.
You plan a serious workout plan.
You go to the gym now consistently.
You also eat as per your diet plan.

And sure you do lose fat.

But after the weeks of Consistent Fat Loss.

You enter this new week. But something strange happens this time.
You step on the weight scale and your weight is as same as the last week.

And You check it the next week.It is still the same.
You reduce your calories further.It is still the same.
You increase your activity level.It is still the same.

And this has not happened to you for the first time.
This has happened to you several times.

This is the reason why you were unmotivated for the months.
This is what we call a "Weight Loss Plateau"

But Why Did I got Stuck In A Weight Loss Plateau?

When I was a child,I used to think the moon used to follow us.
Every time we used to go out in a full moon night in the car, I used to look up in the sky and no matter where we take a turn.The Moon seems to be there as if it is following us.

It is only a matter of next few year when I was taught in the school about the solar system.
So I realized that I was wrong about the following us all this time.

Similarly,when it comes to fat loss we also have been wrong about it all this time.

For many decades we thought that calories are directly responsible for weight.But the truth is calories are not directly responsible.

Which is far from the truth.

No Matter if you caloric deficit is of 300 calories,500 calories or even of 1000 calories.
Sooner or later you will hit a plateau in 95% of the cases.

This happens because our body has certain intelligence.And this intelligence tries to maintain your body weight to its Body Weight Set Point.

Just like a thermostat.

Just like when you have set the room thermostat at 25 degree celcius.

It will maintain this temperature in the room.
If the temperature outside is hot it will turn on the air conditioning,
If the temperature outside is too cold.It will detect and turns on the heater.

Your house stays at the perfect temperature despite wildly varying outside conditions.

Lets say your Body Weight Set Point(or BSW) is set at 70 kg and you try to reach 60 kg.

When you will reduce the calories.

You will lose some fat for next few weeks

And when Body Weight Set Point (BSW)will detect that you have reduced the calories.

It will make your resting metabolism slower in order to maintain the weight.
It can also make you eat more than needed by making you hungry,lethargic,unfocused & cold.

Hence, Fat loss is not directly driven by caloric reduction.

But then what drives the fat loss then?

The Fat Loss is driven by hormones.The hormone which is the Key to the fat loss is INSULIN.

Various researches have shown insulin directly affects our body weight.

The High value of the insulin will stop you from losing fat.
High insulin = raises BSW.
Low Insulin = drops BSW

Keeping the insulin lower for a longer period of time not only drops your Body Weight Set Point but it also makes your body fat adapted.

That is instead of burning sugar.

Your body burns the stored body fat for energy.
When your body is fat adapted no matter what you do your body burns the stored fat instead of burning the sugar.

How to keep insulin low then?

The food especially refined carbohydrates & proteins to some extend raise the insulin.So the best way to keep insulin low is to do fasting.Extended water fasts are the best for keeping the insulin low for longer period of time and crushing those fat loss plateaus.Extended water fasting is done for more than a day.

If you have no experience of Fasting you can try intermittent fasting first.

Are you crazy?I am gonna die of the hunger!!

Sure,its simple but not easy.

But it gets easier.

First it is a mental challenge of first 3 days and you won't feel weak lethargic or anything like that.
Maybe for first 2 days at max.
Keep in mind your stored body fat is like your reserve tank and it can only get emptied only if it does not gets the food from outside.
This practice is as old as the humanity itself.
There's a hormone called Gherlin. Which makes us hungry.

Studies have shown within 3-4 days of fasting it starts get lower for good.

What about electrolytes & vitamins?

Your body tends to retain electrolytes when it detects you are in fasting mode.

Will I lose muscle mass?

You will lose but quite insignificant.Dr Jason Fung says that "Muscle is not a stored form of energy" as long as your body has fat in it you are not going to lose muscles.Just keep one thing in the mind.

Don't skip your workouts!

Your strength might go down for the initial phase when body is about to get fat adapted.

Any Proof?

Absolutely,check it out.

Water Fasting Before & After

Prateek lost 9 kilos in just one month under my online coaching using this method.
Here's what he has to say

I couldn't lose in 1 year what I lost in 1 month,its good to be in shape again and to have a sense of sharp jaw line again

So now whether we that our handwash kills 99.9 of germs or not.But now we definitely know a sure shot method to break the fat loss plateau once in for all 🙂


  • Calories are not directly responsible for Weight Loss
  • Body has a Certain Intelligence through which it tries to maintain its current weight
  • Fat Loss is driven by a hormone called INSULIN.
  • Keeping the INSULIN lower will help you to lose fat & To Overcome Weight Loss Plateaus.
  • Water Fasting is the best way to keep insulin level lower.

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