A Comprehensive Beginner's Guide to Water Fasting

Let's assume that you desperately want to knock some weight. And you're given two options.

Option A : You invest your money on the supplements,eat a lot of proteins,go for diet grocery shopping.

Option B: Spend almost no money on the supplements,No need to intake the ridiculous amount of the protein,maybe pick a thing or two from the nearest store.

Don't tell me which one you've chosen

Now don't tell me which one you chose,I already know.
Because most of the audience I ask this  question to,choose

Option B.

And that's because that's how you have been conditioned about losing fat.
Losing fat has very little to do with what kind of supplement you invest in or if you eat ridiculous amount of protein to retain the muscle mass.

What it has to do with is 

  1. How much your Insulin gets spiked
  2. How often your Insulin gets spiked

In last decades,It is evident that fasting can help you lose fat(and retain muscle mass).This guide is dedicated to take you to dive deep in the world of Fasting.
The types of Fasting people millions of fitness freaks across the globe are following in today's day and age.
What are its benefits, How can someone who follows a strength training routine implement it and so forth.

types of fasting

When we talk about the fasting,there are three methods that are not just used by the people quite frequently but has proven to give them the substantial results.

Intermittent Fasting

  • Shorter Fasts
  • Daily Frequency
  • Has a Fasting Window
  • Sustainable Approach

Prolonged Fasting

  • Longer Fasts
  • Not Frequent
  • Does not have a Fasting Window.
  • Short Term, Result Oriented Approach

Alternate Day Fasting

  • 24 hour Long Fasts
  • Alternative day frequency
  • A Day of Fasting Followed by Normal Eating
  • Similar to Intermittent Fasting

There are three types of fasting:

  1. Intermittent Fasting : Fasting for 16 hours and then 8 hours of food window.
  2. Extended Fasting : It is also called a prolonged fast; from 3 days to 30 days.
  3. Alternative Day Fasting : Fast for 24 hours then eat normally for next 24 hours,repeat.

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This guide is primarily focusing on prolonged fasts. 

What is Water Fasting

Water Fasting is an amazing phenomenon.Throughout the history this practice has been done for numerous benefits.
Water Fasting refers to the abstinence from food for a certain period of time (for days or weeks).
This practice dates back to the inception of mammals on this planet. This practice has been done by the Indian Yogis in the ancient times.

In the ancient civilization of Greece, Pythagoras is have said to fasted for 40 days before giving his examination in the University of Alexandria.

During the Water Fasting phase you are not allowed to eat.

There are 3 Water Fasting Protocols:

  1. 24 Hour Fast 
  2. 3 Day Fast
  3. 7 to 14 Day Fast

For more details,you can read my in-depth article here

Benefits of Fasting

Body Healing Properties

Water Fasting helps body to heal itself by consuming the old cells, these old cells includes the dead skin around the old wounds. According to Jason Fung, "Autophagy refers to the body’s response to a lack of food (fasting) which stimulates a degradation pathway of sub cellular components." [1]. This Effect Alone is a game changing benefit in itself because through the water fasting you are not just losing fat but you are getting the rid from dead skin around your old wound, getting rid of the left over skin around the dead pimple area without spending any money on it, It makes you look and feel younger.

Helps you lose Fat, Faster!

You don't need to get food from outside, you don't need expensive keto food​ to get the process going. You just need enough water to get through the day. Imagine the kind of money you will be able to save while losing fat.

Re-tunes your hormones 

 It helps to re-tune your body hormones to work properly like that of a healthy individual. Gherlin is hunger hormone which is responsible for giving you hunger signal, Once you go on fasting more than 3 days you can re-write the your hunger patterns and train your body to only enough which is required to stay healthy. Insulin regulates if the body should store the coming food as energy or should save as a backup fuel which is stored body fat.

No Calorie Measurement bullshit 

Imagine the freedom from caloric apps and weighing scale. Water Fasting Saves so much of your mental bandwidth. A working individual or a student serious for his/her studies should not have his day planned around just measuring and calculating food. Fasting makes it simpler so that you can have enough of room for the things which actually needs your attention.

Free And Convenient 

You don't have to spend money for not eating.You can do it anywhere and anytime. It does not requires you to purchase fancy supplements or special kind of food items which you might find trouble in finding.

Removes Inflammation

Water Fasting not just turns your body into a fat burning machine but it also removes the inflammation.

How Water Fasting Works

  1. Insulin levels effects our body fat %: The insulin determines whether our body should use the energy from glycogen or from stored body fat.When we have relatively lower levels of the insulin, our body switches from using glycogen as an energy fuel to using stored body fat as a source of energy.

2. Every food has certain GI Value to it:
GI stands for Glycemic Index. Foods with higher Glycemic Index signal the body to store the food as fats,while the foods with lower Glycemic Index signals the body to use the stored fat for the energy.

 3. After Day 3 or so our body gets adapted to stored body fat:

You feel good without eating the food.You don't even need micro nutrients since body detects that you are on fasting so it procures multivitamins and electrolytes.

4. You can go as much as you'd like to go and as much as you are mentally ready:

It gets easier after the 4th day and you literally become a fat burning machine. Imagine the satisfaction of waking up each to find out you are losing fat effortlessly without those heavily marketed supplements. You are allowing your body to do its self healing.

What happens to your body during a water fast

Since your body is conditioned to operate on carbohydrates for its energy. When you go on a water fast,it is initially challenging for your body because of what it is used to. Once the body understand that it should use the stored body fat for the energy. You tend to lose the initial side effects of water fasting.

These initial side effects includes mild headache,variation in the body temperature,brain fog and a short energy crash.

Once your body gets over it,you suddenly feel a constant flow of stable energy and a stable good mood.

You can read the detailed article on it here >>

Water Fasting for Weight Loss/Fat Loss

Intermittent Fasting is easy as compared to Extended Fasting. You just have not to eat for 16 hours in a row. These 16 hours includes your sleeping hours. All you have to do is to skip the breakfast and push your lunch ahead by a few hours if required.

This is excellent for those who would like to have bigger meals and still lose the fat.

With the intermittent Fasting, you can have 2 bigger meals instead of having 6 small meals which makes you feel hungry all the time.

Higher cognitive ability & feeling energetic during fasted state are two of the most common benefits one experiences.

Extended Fasting on the other hand, is the fastest method of losing fat. However,it can be challenging & it may takes more than a couple of the attempt to hit a successful extended fast,.

Water Fasting is not just beneficial for losing the fat but it has so many advantages,even if you are able to go on a 4-6 days of fast in a proper way only using the water and things mentioned below. You will be amazed by the positive change it can bring to your physical body,your mental,emotional & spiritual health.

After 4th day or so it gets easier,And you can lose fat with very much ease.

On an average one can lose 0.5 kg each day if done correctly.

And you rather feel energetic instead of feeling lethargic,You feel the sudden outburst of energy.If you have a busy schedule,you won't even notice if you are even hungry.

My student who was struggling to get back in the shape for over an year lost 9 kg in just of 2 weeks extended fasting..

Extended fasting can help you to break out of zig-zag fat loss pattern.

Side Effects

Here's a list of few possible side effects if you are on a prolonged water fasting.

Acne - There are a few individual who reported the keto rashes on their body during the water fasting.

Cramps - Since there are no carbohydrates in your body. Your body may lose electrolytes. Losing these electrolytes may cause you to have these cramps. You can consume Table Salt/ Himalayan Pink Salt.

Constipation - Give your body some time,It is just adjusting. Best you can do is to drink enough of water. Consuming Magnesium might also help.

Reduced physical strength - If you are doing it for the first time,the problem may persists on few initial days. If you go to the gym reduce the intensity/strength for a couple of days. By day 3 or 4 you'll get your body adjusted accordingly.

What To Consume During A Water Fast?

Green Tea : You can consume green tea to give yourself a mild kick of the caffiene. Green tea has various health benefits as well. Green tea is ideal for water fasting.

Black Tea : Not a big fan of black tea myself but you can use it,make sure you don't use milk or sugar or even sugar alternatives in it.

Black Coffee: Need a caffeine kick? Get yourself a cup of Espresso. Talk to your doctor before introducing it for the first time.Consume it in moderation.

Bullet- Proof Coffee : Its a combination of Coffee, Water, MCT Oil(Optional) and Some Salted butter. Even though it has some calories but you are allowed to use it during your fast.However,don't use if for intermittent fasting especially if your feeding window is not low carb.

Lemon Water : Just to alkalize your body and for the morning poop kick. Take a glass of lukewarm water,Squeeze half a lemon and drink it.

Bone Broth : Having craving for the food?
Cook this quick bone broth! Just add water, 2 pounds of bones,a dash of Apple Cider Vinegar with a few vegetables and some Himalayan pink salt.

Allowed & Not Allowed

  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Multivitamin(optional)
  • Water Bottle
  • check
    Grass Fed Butter
  • Sugar-free Drinks 
  • Fruit Juice
  • Fruits 
  • Exclamation Triangle
    Artificial Sweeteners

How To End A Water Fast

One of the biggest mistakes one can ever do is to see a water fast as a torture than enjoying the process. When your subconscious brain detects that you are not enjoying something it do whatever it can to stop you from doing it.On the other hand if you wake up each day feeling amazing that you lost enough of fat,you subconscious picks it up as something you actually want and helps you to get it done.

End your water fast with simple food,avoid complex and processed food. See it as you have reset your body. Now feed it good stuff so that if can nurture upon the good food sources.

Have a few days of eating whatever you'd like to have but it is suggested that you should give it clean & sustainable diet so that you don't develop a bad eating pattern.

After a prolonged fast, your body is ready for a new feeding habit,make sure you give it one good enough for yourself.

Bonus : A Few Game - Changing Secrets

  1. Apps: Zero for Iphone,Fasting Time for Android
  2. Meditation : Feeling Tired? Try meditation. Meditation helps a lot while fasting.It will set you in a good mood.If you have never tried meditation before.Try this app Headspace it is available for Android & Iphone as well. 
  3. Cold Shower: Cold Showers can also help you get through the water fasting days especially if you are doing an extended fasting.This might sound crazy but Cold Showers has amazing benefits.It will help you to develop the an endurance to face challenges in your daily life.It will give you energy without needing food and much more.


  • There are 3 main methods of fasting : Intermittent Fasting,Prolonged Fasting & Alternative Day Fasting.
  • You can go on water fasting from 24 hours to a 14 days of fast.
  • Water Fasting(Extended Fasting) is the fastest method to lose fat,it has other numerous benefits.
  • Insulin is the key to the fat loss.
  • Once the Insulin level drops,your body starts to use stored fat as energy.
  • An Initial energy crash will happen on day 2 or 3 because of body switching to ketones from carbohydrates for energy.
  • Meditation & Cold Showers will help you to get through the fasting.

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