What Is Achieevly All About?

I feel its really important for one to realize what they are capable of.In the contrary to what social media promotes,my truth is Its not the abs that makes you the perfect,rather becoming a person who is active,alive,constantly getting better.One of the greatest challenge I had in former years of starting my fitness journey is that I was struggling to find the sweet spot between having a social life & being able to get fit (Like that of Stephen Amell in Arrow Season 1,Brad Pitt in Fight Club)

After many years of trial and error I realized the bodybuilder's lifestyle is not for me.

  • I can't eat dozens of egg whites daily.
  • Update my calorie counter app & keep my focus their throughout the day.
  • Constantly be anxious about how many calories this food must be having even if I was on a vacation or with friends
Fitness is NOT life.Fitness is a part of life.

My Clients are Entrepreneurs & professionals with a busy life. Neither do I nor they can sustain a bodybuilder's lifestyle.
The My version of healthy lifestyle not just helps them to get in a better shape but to keep them more productive and less stressed.

What do I emphasize on Fitness Anyway?

  • Get You Actually Fit! - Not how mainstream may or may not describe this word.My First focus is make you experience what being fit is like.You feel light,You have more energy throughout the day.You feel all the good emotions constantly one feels when he's fit.You don't have that stagnated heaviness in you anymore.
  • To Get You Healthy - Fit & Healthy two different things.You can be fit.But if you feed your body with garbage constantly,you are attracting a lot of diseases & medical expenses.When you get healthy,you look younger.You get a strong immune system & much more.Being healthy deals with taking care of your body.
  • How to 'fit' Fitness in your life - Which means how to have a well balanced lifestyle which does not impacts other important areas of your life.
  • Enjoying the Process - If you can't enjoy something.You will not get the results you want out of it.Keep in mind "Abs" or a "Hollywood Physique" is a result of all these things.
  • Here's bunch of my personal philosophy on the fitness

    An Extra Inch of Biceps Won't Make You Happier or More Attractive

    This is my Personal Emphasis for myself.Through my experience of last 6 years.I believe this for myself.The Fact is there are actually a very few supplements that actually helps.And then those which helps don't give a quite significant result in the longer run.

    I just now look back to my college days and think I wish I used the money on supplements on something better.

    Fitness Is Not My Passion.Living Life To The Fullest is.

    Even though I believed that couple of years ago.Fitness is a part of my life.Fitness is like a tool for me.It helps me to gain momentum both in personal and professional life.
    I don't get anxious if I gain a few kgs of fat if I came back from a vacation or I was working up to make good products/ebooks etc and I was burning the midnight fuel.
    My Passion is my work.I spend a lot of time on researching & understanding fitness issues people deal with so that I can deliver them what they were looking for.
    I can lose those extra kilos later with my 6 years of experience & knowledge.
    There are always much more bigger issues to care about anyway than just caring about if my abs are visible throughout the year or not.

    Karan Asthana

    About Me

    I'm Karan. I help people to reach the heights of their confidence & self esteem.I do that by helping them how to lose fat, building a strong body,look good with or without clothes & to have a healthy life in general.